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INSERVICE - Kymberly Louise – Common disorders in Schools Mannum Community College – 7 Dec
“Always have practical strategies and fantastic open discussion.”
“I find that the information is always relevant and can be applied to our day to day”
“Everything was awesome! She is awesome!”

Anne Squire – A Team Approach 26 November
“One of the best training and development days I’ve been to in a long time. Extremely well presented, so many practical ideas that can be trialled and amended to implement onsite.”
“Very Practice driven with many examples to allow educators to come away with a ‘tool kit’ of ideas to implement both in the classroom and site based.”
“Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and experience! Extremely valuable and much appreciated”

Dr Donna Nitschke – The Neuropsychology of Trauma 12 November

“Absolutely inspirational presentation. Extremely well delivered, and beneficial to my development to support and care for others.”
“FANTASTIC. MOTIVATING. Donna is one of the most approachable presenters I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Bravo, a master of her expertise.”
“Really helped me understand some behaviours I am seeing, and validation that strategies etc I am using are okay!”

Liberty Gates – Key Word Signing: The key to unlocking communication in educational contexts 22 Oct

“A Brilliant day! Learnt heaps, was engaged all day. Great speakers. Thank you very much.”
“Love this workshop, so many ideas. I can’t wait to start key signing with the children.”
“Very good day, we were kept busy, and go home with all the basic words and more to use with the whole class during all activates. Thank you so much.”

INSERVICE - Kymberly Louise – Understanding Functional Behavoiur & Promoting Positive Behaviour with Video Self Modelling (Mannum Community College) - 21 Sept
“Really enjoyed this presentation, I wish we’d had it for the whole day.”
“Possibly the best and most useful presentation I have ever been to

 Robyn Young – ASD & behaviour in educational context – 19 Sept
“Presentation was brilliant, realistic, & down to earth. Easy to follow with lots of anecdotes thrown in which enhanced understanding.”
“Robyn is an excellent and likeable presenter. There were many strategies that I can implement quickly. I want her to come and speak to our staff.”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this about a PD but it wasn’t long enough, I could have done another hour at least!”

Helen Broomhall – Executive Function and Working Memory: Keys to unlocking learning – 3 Sept
“Great content, well presented with good humour, participant involvement & group work.”
“Lovely, passionate presenter. Great reflection on things I am already doing in the classroom. Very relevant to teaching!”
“Very informative workshop – A lot of practical ideas to take away and implement. Thankyou.”

Madhavi Nawana Parker – A Whole School Approach to a happy, resilient and connected learning environment– 27 August
“Thankyou! A great resource for educators in the context of the moment. There are too many students lost to learning and who miss the love of learning.”
“I connected with everything shared at today’s workshop. My students and myself will benefit from everything discussed today. Thankyou so much!”
“I loved it. It has renewed the drive for me to fulfil the social and emotional literacy element in my own classroom. I can plant the seed.”

Lydia Woodyatt – Understanding and working through difficult emotions in learning– 20 August
“Relevant and interesting to modern education and problems faced in emotional issues.”
“Very enjoyable, I liked how Lydia tailored the studies to our current issues.”
“Good language to use in class with all students to lift wellbeing for the whole community. Permission that it is a complex job and my wellbeing is just as important.”

INSERVICE – Teressa Reschke – Promoting Positive Behaviour with Video Self Modelling (Star of the Sea primary school) – 13 August
“Fantastic tool with endless possibilities.”
“Very helpful, great to ‘model’ how to use iMovies, now I am happy to ‘have a go’.”

Dr Donna Nitschke – Building a Learning Brain: Neuroscience & the Student Brain – 10 August
“Learnt so much. I’m able to understand how my students learn & think, which will help with how I use my pedagogies with planning learning content. I believe every teacher should do this workshop and perhaps be taught at Uni.”
“The presentation was presented very well, extremely knowledgeable and informative and I was so glad I came.”
“Opened me up to new ideas and perspectives.”

Lisa-Jane O’Connor – Where’s the sense in number sense – 30 July
“The workshop really challenged my thinking and increased my understanding of number sense.”
“Very engaging – LOTS of light bulb moments.”

Sara King – Making Sense of the Seven Senses – 2 July
“One of the most informative workshops I have ever been to.”
“Great, great, great!”
“Was able to start connecting the dots in relation to my class.”

Kirrilie Smout – Understanding Psychological Disorders in Children – 20 June
“Great balance of theory and practice. Great ideas I can use immediately.”
“Kirrilie is a great presenter. Very easy to listen to and clearly speaks from a wealth of knowledge and experience.”
“Helped consolidate things that I am doing and also great suggestions for other things to try – can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and do this.”

Anne Martin – Promoting Positive Behaviour with Video Modelling – 4 June
“Video Self Modelling and Video Peer Modelling are the ‘mode of delivery’ that I have been looking for in redeveloping our behaviour policy around a positive education framework.”
“Thankyou – an inspiring day. Looking forward to having a go in our school setting. Feeling confident to share with other staff which is great.”
“Wonderful workshop – new ideas, innovative, passionate & highly engaging – THANKYOU!!”

Wendy Williams – The 3Rs for Teachers: What Works for Students with Complex Needs in the Classroom? – 30 May
“Engaging and great resources. Was great being able to talk and share experiences.”
“I got some really good points and loved the psychology component!”

INSERVICE – Kymberly Louise – SSO workshop (Hawthorndene primary school) – 23 May
“Fantastic practical strategies to work with students and colleagues.”
“Heaps of good cheat sheets and tools to use with specific students.”
“Great delivery of information, not a full day sitting in a chair listening.”

Wendy Williams – School Assistants in Primary & Special Education – 14 May
“Wendy was a great presenter – never a dull moment and never got bored.”
“I feel that this course should be something that all SSO’s attend.”
“Helped me to understand a lot about my role and position and responsibilities – inside my square.”
“Very engaging, couldn’t fault it. Wendy was very inspiring, made me love my job even more.”

Feedback about Twilight sessions
“Had a variety of professionals around the table, so the conversation was varied and helpful to hear.”
“Relaxed, non-threatening, informative. Great time of the day to have a workshop.”
“Twilight sessions – great.”
“I love the timeslot, I was able to leave school and come straight here.”
“We could stay and have dinner here afterwards.”
“As a small (read cash strapped) school, we are delighted to have this opportunity for after hours, short PD. As staff don’t need release from class, we can send as many as wish to attend. The sessions are a good price, speakers of an excellent calibre and the venue conducive to staff morale (i.e. dinner and drinks after).”

Wendy Williams – Teachers in Primary & Secondary schools – 21 March
“Speaker extremely inspiring, motivational.”
“Could have listened for hours.”
“I wear a variety of different (professional) hats, so I found that I could apply much of what was shared in my own varied experience.”

Helen Broomhall – Teachers in primary schools – 19 March
“Helen was a very engaging speaker, topics were very relevant and very practical.”
“Able to connect what I was hearing to what I have in my class. Very informative and will help me understand my students with special needs.”
“Thankyou Helen. Your presentation was great. Filled in lots of gaps for me and inspired me to work really hard to ensure students feel safe.”

Sara King – SSOs in Primary and Secondary schools – 5 March
“The day created a lightbulb moment for myself for children I work with, thankyou.”
“Sara was great! I’ve learnt so much, lots to think about with how we’re going to help the kids at our school. Thankyou.”

Liberty Gates – Early Years 3-8 years – 26 February
“I feel so much more confident in working with children in my room who have speech difficulties."
Fantastic ideas for free activities!”
“Liberty was clear and easy to understand and very approachable. I would recommend this course to others.”

Dr Donna Nitschke – Upper Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools – 19 February
“Very good pace and interesting delivery.”
“Great sense of humour!”
Information was very interesting and backed up with practical anecdotal examples.

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